What Is The Best Italian Restaurant In Kuala Lumpur

Food lovers enjoy staying in Kuala Lumpur, which is home to a food market that has many types of food. Local cuisines can be found there, but you can also go to the street food market. This is where you can go to at any time of the day or night to buy food.

The country has flavors from other Asian countries in the nearby area. In fact, Kuala Lumpur is home to numerous Chinese, Thai and Indian businesses. This is one of the reasons foreigners flock to the area.

KL is also home to international cuisine, such as Italian. Italian food places are loved by locals and tourists alike. You can find foods such as pasta, pizza and Italian wines being served at these places.

You won’t have a difficult time finding a good Italian restaurant in your area. Simply go online or perform a search on your mobile device to help you find the nearest Italian restaurant. There’s no shortage of restaurants that serve Italian cuisine or a mix of other types of foods.

There are a lot of chefs that have a lot of experience with cooking and preparing Italian dishes. All you have to do is decide which restaurant you want to dine at. With that said, we will help you choose a good Italian restaurant.

Before you head to the first Italian restaurant you learn about, you will want to check out the Italian Market in KL. There are many kinds of Italian food you can find there, and there are professional chefs that work there. Many food lovers continue to go to this restaurant. There are many reasons why they go here, and some of these reasons will be discussed below.

1. Italian Tapas and wine bar that is completely authentic. This is what you expect when it comes to Italian cuisine and they know this, which is why they offer an amazing selection of Italian wine. They provide you with a fill dining experience that you will love and you will be more than satisfied. Find more about tapas in KL.

2. Original Italian wine that comes right from Italian vineyards can be purchased here. There are so many types of wines you can choose from and they will taste great with anything you order. However, feel free to purchase a bottle of wine if you just want to make a dinner date that much more romantic and more memorable.

3. The sports bar is located in the second floor and you will love it here. They serve a number of wines and cocktails, as well as alcoholic drinks on this floor and it is a good place to go to when you want to watch some sports on one of their High-Definition televisions. Plus, this is where people go when they want to have a great time in Kuala Lumpur.

There’s no shortage of positive reviews of the market and this is because of the quality of food they serve, as well as the ambiance that they offer to their customers. Locals and tourists enjoy coming to the market time after time, which makes it one of the most visited Italian restaurants in all of KL. If you want to enjoy and indulge in Italian food at its finest, then pay a visit to this restaurant.

Italian Comfort Food in Kuala Lumpur

We found a new hangout place in Kuala Lumpur and the best part is they serve Italian food day in and day out. For those who are a huge fan of Italian cuisine in Malaysia, I think we can all agree that it can be quite a challenge to find a great restaurant that actually offer a cozy place where we can enjoy great Italian food. This is why we’re so thrilled to have discovered Sassorosso Italian Restaurant just few blocks away from our office space.

It is hard to miss this fancy and quaint restaurant in Lorong Yap Kwan Seng. It looks really pretty from the outside and when you pass by, you can almost spell the pizza that they are baking. When we finally got to visit Sassorosso after work, we were even impressed to find that the restaurant doubles as a sports bar! From the outside, it looks like some romantic restaurant, equipped with soft lights and elegant table arrangements. But further inside the restaurant is their sports bar where young professionals, tourists, and expats hang out to watch a game show or simply enjoy a drink. We have frequented Sarrosso Italian restaurant thrice since then and here is a recap of our experience, so far:


Sassorosso website was not lying when they said that they offer authentic Italian food. I mean, how many Italian restaurants in Malaysia have you tried that ended up frustrating your taste buds? Any true lover of Italian food would know what authentic flavor tastes like and Sassorosso did not fail in that category. Our favorite order there is of course their pizza selection, which features some of the most exquisite types of cheese, and a perfectly made thin crust. If you happen to pass by Sassorosso during lunch time, you can also try their sumptuous ala carte meals. Don’t miss their seafood menu, if it’s available during your visit!


You can expect a high-end service when you visit Sassorosso. As a matter of fact, they have a dress code for entering the restaurant as a form of decency to other diners. The service crew look as elegant as the place, but the best part is they also know their menu too well. You will know from the way they tell you about their serving for the day that they were really trained to understand what goes into their food, and that adds to the authentic Italian feel of Sassorosso. We also got to meet the chef in one of our visits, and he was so warm to all the diners there.download (1)

Sports Bar

Fusion restaurants are sprawling in Malaysia, now but having an Italian restaurant that doubles as a sports bar is truly a refreshing concept. We’ve once hung out at the Sports Bar, and it’s truly a chill place to go to after a long day at work. It’s not as dark and loud as your usual sports pub, but it also provides all the necessary stuff that a sports lover want: great drinks, high-definition television, and updates sports show.

If you intend to visit Sassorosso in Kuala Lumpur, soon make sure to check out their dress code from their website ahead. Menu and dress code can be found at www.sassorosso.com.my

Four Tips To Keep In Mind When Renting A Car At Langkawi Malaysia

1024px-toyota_avanza_first_generation_first_facelift_front_serdangHave you decided to rent a car in Langkawi, Malaysia? If you have, you’ve made a terrific choice. It is a lot easier to get around Malaysia when you have a car at your disposal.

With that said, there are a number of things you will want to keep in mind when you are renting a car. Follow these tips from Bigthumb, and you should be able to avoid most of the pitfalls that other travelers have to deal with.

1. Make Sure You Book Your Car In Advance

A lot of people assume that car rentals are something that they can take care of when they reach their destination. The truth is that, when it comes to car rentals, booking advance is always the best option.

If you book early, you’ll have a wider selection of cars to choose from. You will also be able to get a much better price. Lastly, booking in advance will help to ensure that you don’t have any hassle to deal with when you arrive at Langkawi.

2. Choose A Rental Agency With Great Reviews

Make sure that other travelers have had positive experiences with the car rental agency that you choose to work with. If other people aren’t satisfied with the agency, then there is a chance that you won’t be happy with them either.

Spend some time reading the reviews that other people have left for various rental agencies. See which agency has consistently received positive feedback. Make a point of working with someone that has rave reviews.

3. Schedule Your Pick Up And Drop Off Times With Care

The pick up and drop off times that you select will have an impact on how much you spend. In most cases, rental agencies charge you every 24 hours. If you pick up your car at noon, and then drop it off at 1 the next day, you may be charged for two days, not one.

When you book your car, find out how and when you will be charged. Make sure that you schedule pick up and drop off times that will benefit you.

4. Rent The Right Kind Of Car

If you are traveling with your family, you probably won’t be happy renting a compact sporting vehicle. If you are traveling alone, a larger car may be a waste of your money. If you want to travel down dirt roads, you need to find a car that can handle that.2011_perodua_myvi_standard_in_cyberjaya_malaysia_01

Take the time to select the right kind of car for your trip. Rental agencies in Langkawi should provide you with plenty of great options. Don’t rush through the rental process; choose a car that you will be satisfied with.

If you keep these four tips in mind when you rent your car, you should be able to get exactly what you need. You will get a great car, and you will be able to rent it easily. Getting around Langkawi won’t be much of a problem for you.

Malaysian Expats: Strangers In A Foreign Land?

The number of reasons to move to another country is as varied as the number of people on the planet. The number of reasons to move matches the number of expats. People may be looking for a culture that is more inviting or may wish to return to the homeland of their ancestors.

On the other hand, an opportunity to find better work or work that’s highly specialized draws other to move away from their native land. A need for a change of pace may stimulate others to relocate. However, there are challenges and special issues that only expats face which often draw them together.expats in Malaysia

In Your New Home But Homeland Responsibilities Remain

The right to vote does not disappear when a citizen moves to another country. The privileges and rights of your country of origin actually move with you when you move to another country. For example, your obligation to continue to pay taxes to your nation of citizenship does not go away when you move. The specific situation that you are in plus the rules of your homeland will have an affect on how these issues play out.

Work Moves

According to an expatriate portal, Jobs or a chance to join up with a spouse or significant other who has relocated to Malaysia for work is the reason many people enter the country. The vast majority of expats are entranced by the highly multi-cultural Malaysian nation.

Expats are fascinated by not just the many cultures and religions that exist in Malaysia, but also are interested in the country’s place in Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur has become an urban center that is world-class. On the other hand, some expats embrace the island life that still exists within the country.

Non-Muslim Expats And The Issues They Face

Recently, within Malaysian government and society, Sharia law has become an increasingly important fact in a country long celebrated for its diversity. Over the past 30 years, the idea that hands can be removed for stealing or that sentences of stoning could be put into effect has become a bit more familiar in the country. However, even while this is happening, Malaysia continues to grow more open to the world and increasingly friendly. It could be that the rest of the world and its international media has become hypersensitive to any reports of Sharia law in the nation.

Malaysia’s Melting Pot Is Reflected In Its Languages

English, Tamil, Malay, and various dialects of Chinese find their way into Malay slang. In fact, it’s considered to be quite Malaysian to mix phrases and words from a variety of languages into speech. This means that before coming to the country, it’s a good idea to learn some key phrases and get abreast of the lingo. Playing with language this way makes interacting with the locals and other expats enjoyable.

In a nation with so many different cultures, you’ll find food that is both delicious and diverse. Nasi lemak is one of the top dishes in the country. Its rich taste comes from using coconut milk to steam rice. It’s the national dish and comes with Ikan Bilis, cucumber slices, peanuts, and hard boiled eggs along with sambal.

Car Rental Services in Penang Airport

Car services are offered by different companies around Penang International Airport. Some of these services have received positive reviews from clients and are popular among tourists, businessmen, and other travellers.

Arriving passengers can book car services way before their scheduled flight. They just have to find a company that offers an advanced booking option for car rental in Penang airport, which they can call or better yet an online booking service.

JC Rent-A-Car Penang has both a service hotline and features an online booking page at http://www.jcrentcarpenang.com/booking.html. Clients can contact JC by dialing +6017-493-2116 and +604-618-0242 with the former tabbed as their 24-hour hotline service.

car rental in airport

On their online booking page, the website has a drop down menu where clients can select a drop-off and pick-up destination for their car service. Renters can select from six popular destinations on the island which are Batu Feringghi, Georgetown, Komtar, Penange International Airport, Queensbay Mall, Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal.

George Town was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO back in 2008 and one of the most popular destinations in Penang Island. Tourists love the site because of its history and beauty. From the airport, clients can proceed to George Town Heritage Suites which they can also book included in the car rental service.

The drive to George Town will also give renters a ride on the Penang Bridge which is the longest bridge in Southeast Asia and is a great experience for many drivers. Renters can get the authentic experience if they have Malaysian Driver’s license, but, if they don’t, JC Rent-A-Car has a van transportation service that they can rent and have a licensed driver do the driving for them.

Aside from that, a car service will also give clients a flexible itinerary unlike typical tourist tours that have a set destination to visit around the island. A view of the amazing Ayer Itam Dam can be planned if a tourist chooses to visit the Aye Itam Village. Not only that, they also get to see the Kek Lok Si Temple.

For a beautiful view of the ocean, renters can drive to the Muka Head Lighthouse which is located on the northwest cape of the island. Some tourists take the trek on the hill to get to lighthouse, while most car renters park at Teluk Bahang Jetty to get a boat that will take them to the tourist spot.car for rent

The nature preservation areas and wildlife parks in Penang Island can be reached much easier if you drive to the destination. JC Rent-A-Car can take you from the Penang International Airport to these nature destinations using the various cars they have available for rent.

There are cars for trips that have different budget requirements. Solo travelers or couples would be better served with the sedan models offered by the company. Families or larger groups could rent a much larger van to transport everyone around the island.

Hiring a car and/or driver at JC Rent-A-Car will offer you one of the best and most complete experiences around Penang Island. Visit www.JCRentCarPenang.com for more details. Their office are located at J.C. RENT-A-CAR PENANG, No. 26 Solok Rajawali 1,, Ideal Haus @ One Residence, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Call them at +60 4-618 0242

How To Find The Best Fine Dining Experiences

Most people love to eat. Our society made eating more than satisfying a basic need. It made it an experience, a pleasure and sometimes an adventure. We eat for the sake of tasting various exotic or stylish dishes rather than to fill your stomach. This culture of eating well makes us search for new experiences all the time, turning us into culinary tourists who care less about museums and famous ruins of the ancient world, and more about the flavors and tastes of other cultures and civilizations.


Fine dining is a good idea for various occasions such as romantic dates, family celebrations and business dinners. If you choose your restaurant well, you are going to be rewarded with an excellent evening spent with people you care about.

If you don’t eat out too often, you may not know where to start your search from. It’s a good idea to search online for special dining experiences and exquisite restaurants in your city. There are lots of websites that list all possible food, drink and entertainment choices in various cities. Most of them have a special section for users to write their opinions and their reviews about clubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops or even about various shows and entertainment programs. By reading a few of these reviews, you are going to have a better picture of each place, so that you can choose one that suits your occasion and your personal preferences.

When you do your research, make sure the reviews you take into consideration are relatively recent. Things happen, restaurants change owners, managers and chefs, so a certain place which may have been extraordinary two years ago could now be a bad experience. This happens more frequently than you’d think, so do yourself a favor and search for fresh information. If needed, you could go and dine there yourself before inviting others to join you for a dinner.

You can also do the research starting from famous chefs that work in your city. You need to find out which are the restaurants where they cook. Any Michelin stars can be considered an added bonus, as they are the guarantee of high quality, fresh food and great cooking.

The food and wine pairing is one of the most important pasts of a fine dining experience. You should find a restaurant with a good sommelier to help you choose the best wines for your favorite dishes. Such experiences are not only a delight, but also a good education for the future. If you learn the basic principles of high class cuisine, you can repeat the experience in your very home, provided that you can cook and you enjoy doing it at least every once in a while. If you’ve never touched a pan before, you’d better stay away from such experiences or join a cooking class in order to improve your skills and learn the basics before trying fine dining at home with your friends or family.

All You Need To Know About The Kuala Lumpur City Tours

Are you planning on a vacation in Kuala Lumpur?  Are you excited, but wary considering a lack of knowledge in Malaysian information?  Do you want to view the city in the best way possible?  This article is for you.
Kuala Lumpur
One of the best ways to see all sights of a city is by completing a KL city tour.  The city of Kuala Lumpur provides tourists with a majority of tour options, all providing a memorable and exciting day out.  If willing to take the time and explore the city by oneself, it is highly possible that one would overlook numerous interesting facts.  By utilizing the city tour services, one can be sure that the tour guides will help uncover intriguing items in the city.  Kuala Lumpur is an area filled with culture and history, which can be viewed during the tours along with unique building structures.

Contrary to popular belief, the city tours operate not only during the day but also at night.  This allows individuals to experience the exciting night time atmosphere of the city with a knowledgeable guide.  An interesting balance between old architecture and new structures makes all tours exciting and demonstrates Kuala Lumpur’s rich culture and history.  By engaging in these activities one will enjoy both the modern sights in Kuala Lumpur while obtaining a feel for this ancient city and its unique culture.

When on the tour, one will notice that the stops at tourist attractions will last longer than others.  For example, the stop at the National Monument and History Museum will be prolonged; whereas the stops at the Old Railway Station, Independence Square, and National Mosque are relatively short in length.  The majority of the city tours will pass several structural features, including the Petronas Twin Towers, the House of Parliament, the Lake Garden and China Town.  The average city tour departs twice per day, allowing for individuals to begin the tour at their own convenience.  This average tour is also several hours long, which allows for an individual to truly experience Kuala Lumpur and its charm.

The Kuala Lumpur city tour has increased in popularity over the past few years with numerous people mentioning how worthwhile it is with high value for money.  Many of these visitors also mention the politeness, respectfulness, humor, and enchanting manner of the different tour guides.  As can be seen, and via numerous positive reviews, it can be seen that the city tour will reduce travelling stress and reduce the chance of becoming lost in a foreign city.  One can merely sit back, relax and enjoy Kuala Lumpur’s diversity.

All individuals wish to experience relaxing and rejuvenating holidays when heading off for a short summer break.  Why not embark on a Kuala Lumpur city tour to enjoy, not only the different sights, but to make the sight-seeing as stress free as possible.  Many individuals feel anxious when travelling abroad, but this option will ensure you have an enjoyable and anxiety free experience.  Trust us, one will both build special memories and enjoy the beautiful city thoroughly.

The Amazing Mines Wonderland in Malaysia

Looking for the perfect getaway over the holidays or weekend for you and your family? In search of the perfect place to propose to your long-time girlfriend? Or maybe you just want the ultimate avenue for your annual staff retreat. Get to discover Malaysia?s newest tourist attraction that?s turning heads and becoming one of the most sort out destinations.
Amazing Mines Wonderland
Constructed on a stunning 38 acres of land 25 minutes? from the capital Kuala Lumpur, this masterpiece amusement park is fully equipped with water parks, funfair rides, a winter house, and a wide range of restaurants amongst other attractions. This recreational park is situated on a piece of property that was previously being used as a mining pool.

So, just what makes it the ultimate destination for you and your family? Mytravellane shows us the memorable attractions in this theme park.

Winter  House
This is one of its most outstanding features. The 10,000 sq. Feet structure houses an ice factory machine that produces snow at temperatures of between -11?C to -18?C. It?s basically winter all year round in this house, and it provides a fun-filled experience as well as an opportunity to learn some facts.

Diverse Culture

Cultural experience at Mines Wonderland
One notable thing about the people of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur to be precise is their diverse blend of cultures. The amusement park comes with an amphitheater where visitors can be entertained by dancers from different cultures plus a food village with a variety of foods from the natives. The people of Malaysia have a very rich cultural history that will blow your mind.

The White Kingdom
For those who love animals the Animal Kingdom in the park has some of the rare species of animals you can think of. You get to interact with live animals like the tigers, parrots, and peacocks. These are not your regular parrots or peacocks but a rare kind of albino species. Lit monuments of animals are also available and can be used to study a bit of history on animals.

Beautiful Landscapes
The park provides you with a smooth tour of the landscape in individual bird-caged boats. You get to experience a close view of some of the amazing sceneries in a 200 meters boat ride through a canal. The ride becomes even more soothing at night as you watch the stars while drifting slowly in a candle-lit boat.

The Music Fountain
The musical fountain is considered to be among the best in that part of the continent. The music incorporates beautifully designed water fountains that shoot up water as the music plays and are illuminated by a full array of colors. The scenery is just spectacular, and you are guaranteed of at least two shows per evening. The stage also comes alive with acrobats, magicians, and puppet shows.

For those who love the thrill of rides, the park is fully equipped with air balloons, the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a Roller Coaster plus a one of a kind ride in vintage cars.  The rides are plenty for the young and the old as well.
Theme parks Malaysia
Mines Wonderland is a great destination to have fun and a learning experience at the same time. It is very pocket-friendly too as the restaurant rates are relatively cheaper as compared to other destinations.

Five Best Venues To Host Team Building Events In Malaysia

Anyone looking to set up and host team building events will find it difficult to locate a venue of high quality. It has to be a venue, which is going to let you set up the event and also enjoy the environment that is being established. There are numerous venues in Malaysia, but there are five which stand out and truly meet the established standards of what is required for team building events. Let’s take a look at what makes these five venues great and how they are going to support all of your team building requirements. Team building from Eessence are often held on this following venues:

team building activities in Malaysia

Ibis Styles (Kuala Lumpur Cheras)

This is around half an hour way from the ‘Golden Triangle’ and is regarded as a fascinating venue for team building events in Malaysia. The rooms are modernistic and have the quality to them required to not only enjoy the team building event, but showcase a bit of the luxury on offer as well.

It is all about setting the atmosphere for success and what better way to do this other than hosting the event at Ibis Styles (Kuala Lumpur Cheras). It is easy on the eyes and great for those who want to find a perfect venue in the nation.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Looking for something compact and of high quality at the same time? The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is one of the best locations in the nation when it comes to providing an all-purpose spot to hold all types of business events.

It is always in high demand because of its location and overall quality. It has two theaters inside which are able to hold around 3000+ people at one time, which showcases its value to those who are looking to set up high quality team building events.

Le Meridien (Kuala Lumpur)

Le Meridien Malaysia
What better place than the Le Meridien (Kuala Lumpur), when searching for a location in the business district? A lot of businesses don’t want to host team building events far away from the business district and if that is one of your requirements, this is the location to go with.

It is a venue that is contemporary and high class for any team building event. This is a bit of historic flair to it that is hard to locate in other venues.

Mandarin Oriental (Kuala Lumpur)

When going with a more scenic option, this is the location to go with. It is easy on the eyes and it has comfortable rooms, which are going to be a joy for those who are a part of the team.

It is critical to go to a luxurious venue, which fits the role you are trying to establish. Team building should not be established in run down locations and this is not one of them.

Team building malaysia
Melia (Kuala Lumpur)

The final one is Melia (Kuala Lumpur), which is the complete package for all business requirements. There are spacious rooms on offer to host all types of team building events and it is pleasant to attend. It is a venue made to enjoy and it is located in the heart of the city.

More fun venue for corporate events can be found at eessenceadventure.com