Five Best Venues To Host Team Building Events In Malaysia

Anyone looking to set up and host team building events will find it difficult to locate a venue of high quality. It has to be a venue, which is going to let you set up the event and also enjoy the environment that is being established. There are numerous venues in Malaysia, but there are five which stand out and truly meet the established standards of what is required for team building events. Let’s take a look at what makes these five venues great and how they are going to support all of your team building requirements. Team building from Eessence are often held on this following venues:

team building activities in Malaysia

Ibis Styles (Kuala Lumpur Cheras)

This is around half an hour way from the ‘Golden Triangle’ and is regarded as a fascinating venue for team building events in Malaysia. The rooms are modernistic and have the quality to them required to not only enjoy the team building event, but showcase a bit of the luxury on offer as well.

It is all about setting the atmosphere for success and what better way to do this other than hosting the event at Ibis Styles (Kuala Lumpur Cheras). It is easy on the eyes and great for those who want to find a perfect venue in the nation.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Looking for something compact and of high quality at the same time? The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is one of the best locations in the nation when it comes to providing an all-purpose spot to hold all types of business events.

It is always in high demand because of its location and overall quality. It has two theaters inside which are able to hold around 3000+ people at one time, which showcases its value to those who are looking to set up high quality team building events.

Le Meridien (Kuala Lumpur)

Le Meridien Malaysia
What better place than the Le Meridien (Kuala Lumpur), when searching for a location in the business district? A lot of businesses don’t want to host team building events far away from the business district and if that is one of your requirements, this is the location to go with.

It is a venue that is contemporary and high class for any team building event. This is a bit of historic flair to it that is hard to locate in other venues.

Mandarin Oriental (Kuala Lumpur)

When going with a more scenic option, this is the location to go with. It is easy on the eyes and it has comfortable rooms, which are going to be a joy for those who are a part of the team.

It is critical to go to a luxurious venue, which fits the role you are trying to establish. Team building should not be established in run down locations and this is not one of them.

Team building malaysia
Melia (Kuala Lumpur)

The final one is Melia (Kuala Lumpur), which is the complete package for all business requirements. There are spacious rooms on offer to host all types of team building events and it is pleasant to attend. It is a venue made to enjoy and it is located in the heart of the city.

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